1 in 10 adults suffers from toenail fungus. There are a number of places where toenail fungus can live, but it’s generally picked up in a warm, moist environment such as:

  • nail salons
  • locker rooms
  • areas surrounding the beach, pool or hot tub

One of the most common themes we see with people who have contracted nail fungus is a trauma to the foot. It may be something as simple as cutting your nail too short, a running injury, or something more serious such as stubbing your toe or dropping something on your foot that creates an open wound.
Regardless, once toenail fungus has found it’s way under your nail bed, it can be hard to get rid of. Creams that you can buy in neighborhood drug stores can be messy and ineffective, and some medications require a blood test, as they can have some serious side effects including liver damage.
if you have toenail fungus, you’re probably frustrated, because it won’t seem to go away. The treatments for toenail fungus mentioned above, when used alone, are mediocre at best. Most people we see in our practice have been dealing with toenail fungus for years, and it’s progressed to the point where their nails are yellow and brown, flaky and contorted.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the Pinpointe Footlaser. The Pinpointe Footlaser is a simple, safe, deviice that can treat your toenail fungus in just one visit to our office, with no downtown. It’s the first FDA-cleared device to treat toenail fungus, and has now become the standard of care and treatment for toenail fungus after years of ineffective solutions.
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