Poor Circulation

Poor circulation is a condition that affects many people for a myriad of reasons. However, it can be a very serious condition for those with diabetes.

The commonality of diabetes and its relative routine treatment methods unfortunately lead to a sense of apathy about its impact. However, people with diabetes have a much greater risk of contracting other, very deadly ailments, such as heart disease and stroke, both of which are directly related to poor blood flow.

Poor circulation can be attributed in part to high levels of blood glucose damaging the walls of the arteries. This happens often in the peripheral arteries, the arteries that run to the legs and provide oxygenated blood to the feet. When that critical supply of blood and oxygen is slowed, tissue can die in extreme cases. More typical problems are poor healing from minor cuts and ailments, leading to infection if not quickly treated. Less drastic signs and symptoms of poor circulation include foot swelling, dryness, occasional numbing and cramps in the calf muscles.