Diabetic Foot Care

Foot conditions are one of the primary reasons diabetics find themselves in the hospital. There is a serious, direct link between the two that far too often goes unheeded by those with the disease. Thus, it is crucial that those who suffer from diabetes consider the care of their feet a priority and remain diligent in reporting any sudden instances of pain, lack of feeling or other type of abnormality.

Diabetes can wreak havoc on nerves and disrupt blood flow, which makes the feet especially susceptible to health problems given their distance from the heart. In many cases, unheeded signs of problems in the feet when diabetes is present have resulted in loss of use and amputation.

It is easy for a person with diabetes to prevent any serious health problems with their feet by practicing common sense precautions. This includes keeping feet warm and dry, clean, well-trimmed, free of calluses and corns, and by having them professionally examined thoroughly at least once a year. Even minor cuts and bruises can lead to bigger issues. So take care of your feet!