Healthy Toenails: Be Ready for Spring!

Have you been staring at yellow, embarrassing toenails that are far from ready to show off? Now is the time to get rid of your toenail fungus so you can have clear, healthy toenails ready for spring and your new flip flops!

When considering various treatments for toenail fungus, many are apprehensive about their options and if they will work. Although there are several prescription medications that claim to clear toenail fungus, many can take up to a year to take effect and may not be totally effective. Another option, you may or may not have heard of, is the Pinpointe Footlaser.

What is the Pinpointe Footlaser?
The Pinpointe Footlaser is designed to leave the nail itself unaffected, targeting only the fungus. The laser passes through the nail, preventing any damage to the nail surface or the adjacent skin. Once the fungus has been treated, a healthy, clear toenail will start to grow, replacing the infected toenail(s). The laser procedure is virtually painless and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Why Now?
Maybe you have spent an embarrassing summer covering your toes, saying you will face the battle next year, or maybe you didn’t realize it was toenail fungus until now. Whatever the case, now is the perfect time to treat your unsightly toenail fungus. When you decide it is time to finally get rid of your toenail fungus, the Pinpointe Footlaser will remove the fungus and allow a new nail to begin to grow. The old nail will eventually grow out and you will be left with a brand new, clear and healthy toenail. Depending on how quickly your toenails grow, this could take anywhere from eight to twelve months. This will allow a healthy toenail to grow back just in time for spring weather and allow a few months until summer if your nails grow slower.

How Can I Learn More?
Research is very important when it comes to any medical procedure or medication. If you want to read more about the Pinpointe Footlaser you can visit our FAQ page. Also, take a look at what others had to say about their experience. Don’t forget that Dr. Mark Spier is the exclusive area provider of the Pinpointe Footlaser and is only a phone call away.

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